Get 10% off clothing and jewelry from ethical and vegan TheHeartFam

Use the code TRUEP10 on or use the link And let me tell you 3 reasons why you should. first off all, the clothes reminds you why we live, to follow yout heart. Second of all, to support the poor children. With every sale there’s a donation to them. Third off all, they […]

Nae Vegan Shoes

Interview with the ethical designer Nae Vegan Shoes Nae Vegan Shoes (No animal exploitation) is a portuguese vegan brand, who think about animal rights, human rights, sustainability and the environment with their designs. They are spoiling us with their shoes and accessories. After my opinion are they one of the worlds best ethical footwear and accessories designer. […]

Vegan chocolate & peanut butter shake

Rich in antioxidants, B-vitamin, A-vitamin and Iron. Recipe 1 banana (rich i B-vitamins) 1 tablespoon peanut butter 1 tablespoon raw cacao powder (rich in antioxidants) 1½ cup almondmilk – or plantmilk after choice ½ tablespoon Lucuma powder (rich in A-vitamin and Iron) ½ tablespoon cacao nibs. (rich in antioxidants) a pinch of himalaya salt Blend […]

When the fashion industry makes a difference

An interview with MUD Jeans We all love clothes, right? And we sure as hell need it. But do you ever wonder where it comes from? How is it produced? Who made it? Do you know that the fashion industry stands for about 20% of the pollution in the world. I have talked with Mud […]