Nae Vegan Shoes

Interview with the ethical designer Nae Vegan Shoes

Paula from Nae Vegan Shoes

Nae Vegan Shoes (No animal exploitation) is a portuguese vegan brand, who think about animal rights, human rights, sustainability and the environment with their designs. They are spoiling us with their shoes and accessories. After my opinion are they one of the worlds best ethical footwear and accessories designer. And I’m thrilled to have the featured on my blog, for this interview. I’m so excited! – are you? Here is the Q&A’s that I gave to them:

– How do you contribute to a better fashion industry?

NAE stands for “No Animal Exploitation”, a name that carries our mission: to propose an animal-friendly alternative to animal exploitation. Our shoes and accessories are 100% vegan and produced in Portugal. None of our products is made from animal skin, fur, or any other meat by-products. We exclusively choose synthetic, recycled, and natural materials. NAE’s priority is veganism, as well as the number of animals lives, we spare through our materials and manufacturing options. Our environmental concern emerges as a parallel purpose to the brand’s core mission. Therefore, we use materials with such as piñatex, organic cotton, cork, recycled PET, and vegan leather that are absolutely less harmless to the planet than traditional leather, or other materials that have a great impact on the planet.

– What got you the idea in the first place?

When NAE Vegan Shoes was created, I was inspired by a personal need to the padapt rinciples of veganism to the footwear industry and the duty to reduce the impact on animal life. We were in 2008. Since then, the exponential grown of the worldwide vegan community has amplified the impact of our brand.

– Why is it important to change the fashion industry?

The fashion industry is one of the most polluting on the planet. We have to slow down the production of garments and start to consume less and better.
Societies can not think and act like we have infinite resources on a finite planet.

– What would you change in the fashion industry?

There is a lot to do in the fashion industry, but I think the most important thing is to slow down consumption. Information is also one of the most important ways to contribute to changing people’s behavior when it comes to consuming. Know the origin of products, where they are made, how they are made, what materials and what impact they have on the planet throughout its life cycle. The human conditions in which the garments are produced, all of this is important from the point of view of the fashion sector and creating more transparency in the brands is absolutely crucial. So I would say that despite some of the measures may be political, it’s important to penalize, even from the point of view of taxes, production that negatively impacts the planet and value and invest in production /brands / companies that has positive environmental concerns and practices.

– What do you think would happen if we don’t change the fashion industry?

The result could be disastrous because it means that not only would the fashion industry contribute to a saturated and destroyed planet but also other industries. I am an optimist and I see that fortunately many new projects are emerging and even major players in the fashion market are changing the way they do things under pressure from society, so I believe that even slowly we will achieve a more sustainable fashion industry.

“The fashion industry is one of the most polluting on the planet. We have to slow down the production of garments and start to consume less and better.”

Thank you so much Nae Vegan Shoes for answering. Check them out on:

Vegan chocolate & peanut butter shake

Rich in antioxidants, B-vitamin, A-vitamin and Iron.


1 banana (rich i B-vitamins)

1 tablespoon peanut butter

1 tablespoon raw cacao powder (rich in antioxidants)

1½ cup almondmilk – or plantmilk after choice

½ tablespoon Lucuma powder (rich in A-vitamin and Iron)

½ tablespoon cacao nibs. (rich in antioxidants)

a pinch of himalaya salt

Blend it all in a blender, except for the cacao nibs, add them in after, and voilá – you have an amazing healthy shake!

Chocolate, chocolate, chocolate!

Chocolate is one of the worlds biggest dessert eating. And it’s my birthday today, with that said, I was out to find some healthy chocolate. These variations are vegan without dairy, gluten and sugar. They are sweetend with agave & cocopalm sugar. Some of the bars are even with probiotics check omnibar. All is organic. They are raw, except for the Rapunzel. A perfect replacement.

Models in all shapes

An interview with Inbetween Models

Terry from Inbetween Models

Most women know the smell og jalousy from a look of a model on the runway/catwalk. With the sighed off ”I wish I was as beautiful as a model” That is a comparison I think many people regonize. But why isn’t the whole society reflected in the fashion industry. You can be as beautiful, with curves, and even some extra kilo on the side legs. Is a size zero the symbol for an ideal woman body, or is it more a reality picture of a small procentage of the population. What about the other shades of the community. I think it’s important to paint with all the colors of the palette, to create a connection and a bridge between the society and the fashion industry. I have got to asked Inbetween Models some questions:


Why do you think there is a bigger percentage of size zero models than there is of inbetween and plus size models?

I think a lot of woman are actually Inbetween but because of the standards they become a size zero model. Also Inbetween and plussize are upcoming. Research has shown that this sizes are really frequent so I can’t imagine why there is a bigger percentage of zero models.
Are you getting as many jobs as size zero?

No, our agency exists 2 years now. The Inbetween market is also very new so it takes time. I can’t compare myself with other agencys who work for many years. And because its new, it’s also scary I think. But I’m convinced the change is coming.
If you could change one thing in the fashion industry, what would it be?

The ridiculous standards. That the models will be taken as they are, not with a specific hip size.
Do you think the Fashion industry is going to have equally of all types of models in the future?

I hope so!! But I think it just take time. The plus size models are also upcoming but they really get accepted. Let’s go for more normal and realistic body’s!

How do you wish the Fashion industry looked like?

With models who are happy and healthy and not have to go on a crazy diet. They just can be themselves and especially in the body they are in.

Thank you to Inbetween Models, check them out on:

When the fashion industry makes a difference

An interview with MUD Jeans

We all love clothes, right? And we sure as hell need it. But do you ever wonder where it comes from? How is it produced? Who made it? Do you know that the fashion industry stands for about 20% of the pollution in the world. I have talked with Mud jeans, who puts their head in the game. And I think it’s time to give the spotlight to those who make a big ethical difference in the industry. I have asked them the right questions, that we maybe all should have asked, when we navigate in the clothing industry’s zoo.  


  • How do you contribute to a better fashion industry?

MUD Jeans is a circular fashion brand that wants to show the world that fashion can be made in a circular way. All our jeans are recycled after use.We started with jeans, the out polluting and most worn item of fashion.

  • What got you the idea in the first place?

We want to show that we can rethink the way we consume. As MUD Jeans we take responsibility over the raw materials and want them back after use.

  • Why is it important to change the fashion industry?

It’s the second most polluting industry.

  • What would you change in the fashion industry?

Make it fully circular. Create less, we are seasonless and believe less clothing should be produced, but make it high equality.

  • What do you think would happen if we don’t change the fashion industry?

We face disaster and we will not meet the Paris Agreement.

Thank you to MUD Jeans – check them out on:

Winter bathing

I have talked to a person, that have been in the worlds championship in winter bathing. A persn that has winther bathed in Russia, Finland, Polen and Estland. Her reasons for the well being and wellness of winter bathing is the following:

  • That she actives on a minut of winter bathing, is the same you active with runners high, when you get addicted of running.
  • It’s like a pill of happines, because of the endorfines, that is released.
  • Exercise for the circuit. When you go into the ocean the blod vessels pull together, and they open when you go up the water.
  • Boosting the white blood cells.
  • Call it her morning meditation.

What I have fund that it helps furthermore:

  • The adrenaline level
  • The adrenaline level Convert the fat into the brown fat, which is the healthy one that is better than the white fat.
  • Arthritis

I have to try winter bathing (again) It has to retablished this month. all the healt facts that seems to be with winter bathing does so I have to do it.


Like we go into the month of march have I also gone into HEALTHY WEALTHY MARCH. With that said, it’s a health month for me. I would like to live vegan, and sugar free and gluten free as good as I can. I even have my birthday this month. And it’s going to be exciting what I’ll find as replacement for cake and candy.

Health is a big concept, that is why I want to go into different things. As winter bathing (or should you say spring bathing, aaarh it’s cool enough to say winter bathing. I’m lving in Denmark for God sake), meditation and creative projects, as I at least have that for good. when I have not been so pulsating creative in at short distance of time. for me creativity and unfolding it, is the same as health for my soul and brain

My goal for this month is to lose some pounds, find altternative til better habits, be happier, explore the health effects on body and mind, as well as start creative projects. Stay tuned if I want to follow my blogs journey. It’s a start of creative ideas.