Like we go into the month of march have I also gone into HEALTHY WEALTHY MARCH. With that said, it’s a health month for me. I would like to live vegan, and sugar free and gluten free as good as I can. I even have my birthday this month. And it’s going to be exciting what I’ll find as replacement for cake and candy.

Health is a big concept, that is why I want to go into different things. As winter bathing (or should you say spring bathing, aaarh it’s cool enough to say winter bathing. I’m lving in Denmark for God sake), meditation and creative projects, as I at least have that for good. when I have not been so pulsating creative in at short distance of time. for me creativity and unfolding it, is the same as health for my soul and brain

My goal for this month is to lose some pounds, find altternative til better habits, be happier, explore the health effects on body and mind, as well as start creative projects. Stay tuned if I want to follow my blogs journey. It’s a start of creative ideas.

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  1. Jeg glæder mig til at følge med i, hvad du finder på af kreative ting og gode replacements i HEALTHY WEALTHY MARCH – måske jeg kan blive inspireret 😊

  2. Herved fylder jeg to store pligter
    At kommentere din blogpost imens jeg digter
    Bestemt ikke for at være ond
    Nannas beslutning at blive sund
    Skal nok belønne på den rigtige måde
    Men hvordan bliver nok lidt af en gåde
    Hårdt ja, nemt bliver det ikke
    Vi håber hun får hendes fortjente kærligheder

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