Lunar Method

An Interview with Lunar Method

Many artisan from all over the world is creating Lunar Method, together with ceative and talented persons – they make an absolutely cute, handsome and clever design. From a beautiful jewelery bag for travelers and vegan bags. Excellent place to visit, if you need a bag, that would be able to say “hi” in many countries – as it’s going to be your best travelling buddy, and it make travelling much easier and better. It would be the place I would put my money, if I needed to travel. It is chick as hell, vegan, sustainable og carries the woman feminity and style. They want to uluminate animal leather in the world, and show that vegan leather can be luxery and pretty.


  • How do you contribute to a better fashion industry

Lunar Method’s mission is to revolutionize the way luxury bags are created. The current luxury industry is riddled with animal cruelty followed by a lack of transperecy in labor practices, all while creating products with little to no regard of their environmental impact. 

“We contribute to a better fashion industry by shifting what is “percieved” as luxury.”

We contribute to a better fashion industry by shifting what is “percieved” as luxury. We only use sustainable, organic materials. We don’t use any plastic vegan material, otherwise known as P.U (polyethylene). Our vegan leather is made from cactus that is one of the most sustainable plants in the world! It requires little water and the cactus farms are carbon positive, meaning they create more oxygen in the environment. We also produce our products with ethical labor practices which include paying a livable wage.

We are based in Mexico City and source all our materials locally from Mexico, reducing our carbon footprint because we are not shipping from Asia. We also work directly with the artisans to ensure they are getting paid fairly for their time and labor.

  • What got you the idea in the first place?

My husband and I moved to Mexico City in January 2020, we had no idea of the global crisis that was about to explode. When the pandemic hit in March, we decided to buckle down in Mexico City, which gave us the time and space to come up with a new business idea.

As a young professional woman who loves to travel, I found there weren’t any vegan options for a luxury jewelry holder. I spend the better half of 2020 building out Lunar Method, testing, solidifying the idea, and finally putting all the pieces in place for a 2021 launch.

  • Why is it important to change the fashion industry?

The fashion industry is one of the most wasteful and cruel in the world! There’s no shortage of purses and bags on the market, and they come in a wide variety of styles and price points. Usually, when we’re shopping for our latest fashionable accessory, we’re thinking primarily of how it looks on our arm and fits with our overall look. However, bags, like all our belongings, also say something about our values. How products are made and what materials they are made with, matters.

We want to give people the ability to make a conscious decision when purchasing a luxury product, but first we needed to create the option for our customers. In doing so, we are changing the way fashion is created

  • What would you change in the fashion industry?

I would completely ban animal leather. Period. It would eliminate billions of animal deaths, slaughterhouses, and tanneries, in turn correctly the environmental damage caused by the leather industry.

  • What do you think would happen if we don’t change the fashion industry

I think we’ll go beyond the point of irreversible damage to our planet, and only darkness lies down that path. This is why we’ve chosen to be part of the solution so this doesn’t happen.

Thank you to Lunar Method – check them out here:

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