15% discount from Benecos

Do you need a vegan mascara forexample, that are organic and made from naturals ingrediens. Choose Benecos! I give you 15% discount if you use the code:



Green Girl – greengirl.dk

It gives you a discount for prouct that aren’t on sale already.

Here you can finde natural, organic and vegan products.

TIP! A wonderful glamour vegan mascare

If you are on your way out, and need a mascara to go with your fine dress, here’s an option. The benecos natural mascara glamour find it here:

Benecos Mascara Glamour Look – greengirl.dkhttps://greengirl.dk/products/mascara-glamour-look-ultimate-black?_pos=3&_sid=79d50c4ee&_ss=r

This mascara is giving you a beauty look, with ingrediens even for the most sensitive kind. ingrediens that almost is like a serum for the lashes. It have avocdoolie, and E-vitamin, that strengthen the lashes. It is vegan!

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