My birthday was up here the 10. march, and because of that I want to share a poem I have written about freedom.


I’ll make zone therapy, like a cactus a put my needle in your feet, I’m a high heels actress, status star on the street, Hollywood I will defeat, put the needle in your hand with the french word oui, it comes from plants – Jesus christ, he drinks a lot of wine, I hope is organic, otherwise we don’t know how to managed, Shakespears standing with your head on the stage community, there’ a head ache, hangovers give me some fucking water Moses instead, it is healthier – “are we there yet” looks like a crime from the slavery, from human kind, and even your pet, no constitution should suffer the life of another. King down a little just descreat, so no one you meet will feel this defeat of a mad mouse on antipus chasing vegan cheese, a new tom and jerry, when the lights go the hunt sets in, insence smokes up in steam, “the end”, in the café we meet, talking about shit and when we will be more likely to increase the world situation as it is, with my el-car and I dump my motorcycle Harley. Jesus crist wanish beneath the french word Libérty, from french to New York overwhelming broadway, a winter theater, winter slay, ringing bells, suit up and be well, Savannah gasselle, a hanging sock on the Status of Liberty, a wishing well, no cruelty where the environment friendly medal, conventionel speech, a though to the future enfants, clima change coming in over sees, responsibility, how  would the planet be left, this planet Earth, of concern, have Santa comed down the chimny, yet. will he still eat meat have he change from dairy to almond milk? is he driving from animal force, ice breaks tear drop, will we heat up, are the alf paid equeally and well enough, and what is there age, heartqueak we rise money easily, why not support the planet and animals well-fare more, but with your rabbit skin hanging around your shoulders, you will well adored, but an animal was sacrificted, are you eating your pet a cat or a dog? That’s my question to you when I’m heading to New York. Don’t kill anyone or anything – take freedom as a pill!

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