Winter bathing – the cold shudder

From what I have heard, winther bathing has multiple benefits for your body, happiness and mind. Let’s dive into it. Is winter bathing the new black? 

I have tried it on my own skin, and felt the cold shudder, and for me it is a kick! And reading, experiencing the goodies of winter bathing, just makes it even more remarkable!
First of all, tip! If you live in a country where the ocean water has warm degrees, make a tub filled up with cold water and maybe ice cubes, then you get some of the benefits too. After my research, I’ve come to think that there could be certain benefits to winter bathing 

The benefits

Circuit exercise

The cold water makes the vessels contract together. Furthermore, it sends all the energy out to warm up the fingertips and toes, where it is most cold. When you go up, it releases a lot of warmth, that’s where you feel the sensation too and well being. The vessels open again when you step out of the water.

– Endorphin kick

A lot of endorphins get released when you have winter bathed. It helps stimulate the happy center in your brain.

– Runner’s high

One person I have spoken with said that she winter bathes because she is lazy. It is reportedly a way to reach the runner’s high, the same feeling as when you get addicted to running.

 White blood cells

It can boost the white blood cells.

– Grounding 

It can be a good meditative sensation to get into.

– Leptin level 

It activates the leptin levels that helps loose fat

– Brown fat vs. white fat

It helps transform the white fat into brown fat, which is easier to lose and healthier than the white fat

With all these benefits, I can’t find a reason not to start! Get your kicks now. 🙂

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