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Nae Vegan Shoes

Interview with the ethical designer Nae Vegan Shoes Nae Vegan Shoes (No animal exploitation) is a portuguese vegan brand, who think about animal rights, human rights,

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Models in all shapes

An interview with Inbetween Models Terry from Inbetween Models Most women know the smell og jalousy from a look of a model on the runway/catwalk.

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Winter bathing

I have talked to a person, that have been in the worlds championship in winter bathing. A persn that has winther bathed in Russia, Finland,

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Like we go into the month of march have I also gone into HEALTHY WEALTHY MARCH. With that said, it’s a health month for me.

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Welcome to Nannas blog

welcome to my blog! It’s gonna be fun, it’s gonna be exciting in different ways, here on my blog. I’m going to write about all

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